New Netflix Series ‘Squid Game’ Drops Its Ensemble Poster and Main Trailer

Netflix Squid Game
Credit: Netflix
Netflix Squid Game
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has revealed an ensemble poster and main trailer for Squid Game.

Netflix’s Squid Game is a story about those who applied for a mysterious survival game with a reward of about $40 million and their extreme struggle to be the final winner of the deadly game. The director of Squid Game, Hwang Dong Hyuk, introduced this movie as “one massive allegory that represents modern capitalism.” He further explained that he wanted to show the brutally competitive modern society with the various stories of the contestants in this high-stakes game.

In particular, he created this striking contrast by combining the game he used to play in his childhood with the extreme capitalism we now face.

The newly released main trailer shows a massive scale of games and participant’s turmoil. Who will win in these high-risk games? Attention will be paid to the final destiny of the participants who struggle to survive the game.

Squid Game will be available on Netflix from September 17th.


Source: Neflix

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