4 Most Noteworthy 4th Generation K-Pop Girl Groups: aespa, Weeekly, STAYC, PURPLE KISS

K-pop Girl group
K-pop Girl group
Credit: SM Entertainment, Highup Entertainment, Play M Entertainment, RBW

Among all 4th generation k-pop girl groups that recently started their activities, aespa, Weeekly, STAYC, and PURPLE KISS stood out the most by pulling off their best ever performances. Let’s find out how the four teams have mesmerized K-pop listeners from all over the world.



aespa is a new girl group ambitiously presented by SM Entertainment. They had a rough start with their hard-to-understand background stories and universe, concerning some fans. However, their catchy debut song “Black Mamba” and their excellent stage skills finally won the hearts of many listeners. In particular, the group showed explosive performance with their new song, “Next Level,” released in May. The music video surpassed 100 million views on YouTube within 32 days of its release and entered three US Billboard charts. Going viral on various social media, they are keeping their top spot on domestic music charts.

Now that they have signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the largest label in the US, we just can’t wait to see aespa’s next move.



Weeekly recently celebrated its 1st anniversary. And the group has been building a large fan base with their radiating energy of bright and healthy teenagers. On the 4th, Weeekly made a comeback with their 4th mini-album, Play Game: Holiday, and broke their own sale record by selling about 31,000 copies in the first week of release.

Weekly’s popularity is even more pronounced abroad. “After School” topped Spotify’s Viral 50 chart and made a surprise entry into the Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart by taking the 21st spot in the 1st week of May.



Although STAYC is a girl group from a small label, they quickly settled on a fast track. Their debut album, Star To A Young Culture (2020), topped the sales record chart among all female rookies and sold more than 10,000 copies in their first week. Plus, their addictive single, “ASAP,” recorded a subtle reverse run on the music charts.

On September 6th, STAYC will make a comeback with their first mini-album, STEREOTYPE. And the fan’s expectations are already high for their upcoming album. How will they steal their fans’ hearts this time?



PURPLE KISS, the so-called ‘MAMAMOO’s sister group,’ proved their potential with their two singles before even making an official debut. And when they released an official debut album, they sold about 12,400 copies in their opening week, showing off their powerful potential as a promising rookie group.

Purple Kiss will make a comeback on the 8th with their second mini-album HIDE & SEEK. They started their second promotion, and their new exciting theme turned out to be horror. Fans are wondering about what kind of sensational music they will present in their new comeback album.


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