Exclusive 24-hr TV marathon on August 25th

Credit: NEW ID

NEW K.ID celebrates NCT Dream’s fifth anniversary on August 25th with a 24-hour TV marathon, “NCT DREAM DAY,” centered around the seven members’ journey in the KPOP world.

The only K-pop TV channel NEW K.ID has curated a special lineup to celebrate the special day together with fans all over the world. The lineup is set up to take NCTzens back to the early days of the songs “Dunk Show,” “1,2,3”, and “WE GO UP.” NCT Dream has often been ranked in NEW K.ID’s Idol Ranking chart. So, the group is expected to land high in the rankings with the highly anticipated broadcast of NCT DREAM DAY this Wednesday.

This is the second time NEW K.ID dedicates one full day of programming to one KPOP group or artist, the first time being “BLACKPINK ON DEMAND,” also during their 5th debut anniversary.


NCT DREAM DAY kicks off at midnight (PST & EST) with a fun episode of GOTOE’s PHARMACY featuring NCT 127. Why NCT 127? Because that’s where it all started for NCT Dream, they are still a part of the NCT Dream journey and share a member- Mark. Next up is a mashup of NCT Dream entertainment with Weekly Idol Playlist, bringing back all the memories of the NCT Dream’s dance challenges on the show Weekly Idol.

Starting at 6 PM, get ready for the full episodes of Weekly Idol, K-Rush, and WE K-POP featuring NCT Dream. Watch NCT Dream sing, talk, and dance on WE K-POP. The main highlights start at 8 PM with another round of Weekly Idol Playlist and NEW K.ID CHOICE airing the ultimate playlist of NCT Dream stage performances of the songs before Hello Future and Hot Sauce, including My First and Last, Trigger the fever, and We Young.

Don’t miss an episode of the WE K-POP Extra, where you can watch NCT Dream behind the stage during the day of filming for the show. Watch a full hour of NCT Dream on the variety show Weekly Idol At 10 PM, and the final hour airs the exclusive NEW K.ID Choice: NCT Special, featuring all the best hits from NCT Dream, NCT U, and NCT 127.


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