‘White Day: Broken Limit’ Drops Nightmarish Trailer

SF9 Chani movie
SF9 Chani movie
Credit: JNC Media Group

White Day: Broken Limit released its nightmarish trailer.

White Day: Broken Limit is a fantasy horror movie that takes place late night at a school, centered around a male student struggling to fight off ghosts to save his friends. Based on a legendary Korean PC horror game White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, the movie marks the game’s 20th anniversary. The film adaptation will be separate from the original work and tell a fresh story with the concept of exorcism.

SKY Castle actor and SF9’s member Chani will play Hee Min, the successor of Korea’s most renowned exorcist who has yet to recognize his talent. True Beauty actress Park Yu Na will play So Young, a girl who knows the secret behind the curse cast on the school.

The trailer begins with the main character, Hee Min, entering the school late at night. When the school’s barrier gets broken, he starts to experience strange paranormal activities. Starting with the ‘spider-like ghost,’ the janitor appears with his dangling keys, and the ghost in the bathroom heightens expectations for the film adaptation.

White Day: Broken Limit is coming out in September.

Source: JNC Media Group

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