Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Confirms September Release; Drops Teaser Poster and Trailer

Netflix Squid Game
Netflix Squid Game
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has confirmed the release date of its new original series Squid Game on September 17th.

Squid Game depicts a story of people who became the players of a mysterious survival game with a whopping 40-million-dollar (45.6 billion KRW) prize at stake.

The released teaser poster shows a man in a green sweatsuit collapsed on the ground where a circle, a triangle, and a square are drawn. That man is being dragged by a man in a pink sweatsuit, leaving behind a trail of blood. And next to them is a large box with a pink ribbon. Along with that thrilling image, the phrase, “40 million dollars, the innocence of adults are destroyed,” catches the eye.

How will this game, a symbol of childhood memories, box the adults into a corner?

Netflix Squid Game
Credit: Netflix

Today, the first trailer showed a glimpse into the desperate struggle of participants who risk their lives for the prize money. A total of 456 participants on the edge of a precipice are brought together in one place. They must play a “Squid Game” every day to win the 40-million-dollar (45.6 billion KRW) prize. The result of losing the game is death, and the one last surviving participant takes everything.

As soon as the production of Squid Game was officialized, attention focused on its grand scale, star-studded cast, and unconventional topic.

Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Heo Sung Tae, Wi Ha Joon, and more have joined the cast. Also, The Fortress and Collectors director Hwang Dong Hyuk helms the production.

Source: Netflix

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