Byun Yohan & Kim Mu Yeol’s New Voice Phishing Action Movie ‘On the Line’ Confirms Its September Release

Byun Yohan movie
Credit: CJ ENM
Byun Yohan movie
Credit: CJ ENM

The new voice phishing action movie On the Line �confirmed its September release and dropped the three posters.

On the Line, the first Korean movie to dig into the world of voice phishing, is a crime-action movie. When Seo Joon (Byun Yohan) loses everything to voice phishing, he infiltrates the organization in China. There, he meets Kwak Pro (Kim Mu Yeol), the mastermind and the designer of the corrupt system.

The first poster of On the Line �captures the conflicting views of the one calling and the one receiving the call. Plus, the phrase “I was hooked the moment they called” creates tension between Seo Joon, who lost everything to voice phishing, and Kwak Pro, the designer of that crime.

Byun Yohan movie
Credit: CJ ENM

In the two other posters, you can see the call from “financial team 1” that every Korean is familiar with. And the phrase “31 deposits, 5 failures, 7 pending” written on the voice phishing call center’s phone raises curiosity.

On the Line reveals everything about voice phishing crimes that have victims but no trace of the perpetrators. The chilling story that unfolds as Seo Joon infiltrates the home ground of the organization that ruined his life will captivate the viewers.


Source: CJ ENM

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