‘Monthly Magazine Home’: Kim Ji Seok Says the Kimchi-Terror Scene Took 2 Days to Film

Kim Ji Seok Monthly Magazine Home
Kim Ji Seok Monthly Magazine Home
Credit: JTBC

Monthly Magazine Home star Kim Ji Seok shared his final thoughts on the show and talked about his most memorable moments and quotes.

He played a self-accomplished man, Yu Ja Sung, and pulled off a comedic yet cool-headed role in the drama series. With only the last episode left ahead, Kim said, “I was very happy to present the heartwarming story of Monthly Magazine Home to the viewers.”

The most memorable scene that Kim Ji Seok picked was ‘the kimchi terror scene.’ “When Young Won (Jung So Min) and I are riding a car together, and the kimchi container in the rear seat explodes in the scene. And it was the day that I got hit by the kimchi for quite a long time. I was wearing a white shirt. I had prepared six shirts, but I had to wash and dry them to wear them again. It took almost two days to film the scene. So it’s hard to forget the scene.”

And he said Young Won’s narration has the most memorable lines in the drama. “Every episode has her narration in it. It is very gentle and soft, and I felt like it captured not only how I feel, but also how everyone feels living a life.”

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