Kim Do Wan Enjoyed Reading Comments with Kang Han Na

kim do wan my roommate is a gumiho
kim do wan my roommate is a gumiho
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In an interview with E-daily, Kim Do Wan shared his thoughts on finishing My Roommate is a Gumiho. Kim played the role of Do Jae Jin and received much love for his romance with Yang Hye Sun (Kang Han Na) and his chemistry with Lee Dam (Hyeri).

Kim Do Wan shared his feelings after finishing the drama, “It wasn’t an easy decision to star in My Roommate is a Gumiho, but seeing how much the viewers like it, I thought to myself, ‘I did it!’ Thanks to that, I was able to happily say goodbye to the role.”

Regarding Do Jae Jin’s character, he said, “What’s most charming about him is that he is honest and straightforward. I think the viewers also appreciated such aspect of him.”

“I wanted to render his pure soul as much as I can. So I spent a lot of time discussing the details with the director on the set,” he said while explaining how much he wanted to focus on portraying the pure heart of his character.

When he was asked what he learned from shooting the project, he answered, “I learned a lot from Hyeri. She tirelessly took such great care of the people on the set.'” He went on, “She is very caring and warm, and we talked a lot outside work. We were like Jae Jin and Dam even when the camera wasn’t around. It felt natural having her around.”

kim do wan my roommate is a gumihoCredit: tvN

When the interviewer asked if Jae Jin and Han Na’s pictorial would be sweeter than Hyeri and Jang Ki Yong’s, he answered that he’s confident about it. He then added, “Ki Yong and Hyeri’s couple pictorials came out very good. I want to do a photoshoot like that if I can work with Han Na in the future”.

After tvN Startup, Kim co-starred with Kang Han Na for the second time. They played rivals in the previous work, but this time, they drew a fresh romance. Regarding their chemistry, he said, “It was so nice to work with her again, and I don’t feel pressured anymore. She’s a good actress and has a nice personality, so it’s always nice to work with her.”

Regarding Yang Hye Sun, played by Kang Han Na, Kim Do Wan said, “She looked adorable. From Jae Jin’s perspective, Hyesun was always lovely. She did a fantastic job of delivering the lines and playing such an adorable character.”

He shared that he and Han Na liked reading the comments under the articles about their drama. He explained, “I asked myself, do I deserve all this love? We had a lot of fun reading the comments.”

kim do wan my roommate is a gumiho
Credit: Awesome.ent

Kim Do Wan is currently in the midst of filming I Haven’t Done My Best Yet.


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