Top 6 Self-made Stars in Korea: IU, Sunmi & Kwon Sang Woo

richest korean celebrity
richest korean celebrity
Credit: Mnet

On the 21st, Mnet TMI NEWS has revealed the list of self-made stars in Korea.

A formal member of Wonder Girls, Sunmi has carried the weight of the world on her shoulders as a young breadwinner of her family since she was in the fourth grade. Currently, she lives in a house worth about $ 1.4 million.

As an elementary school kid, Kim Jun Su used to live in a small flat with no bathroom. However, he grew into an extremely well-accomplished celebrity. Recently, he bought a luxurious townhouse for his family and is living in a magnificent high-rise apartment.

IU grew up in a tiny apartment as a child because her mother had foolishly stood surety for a friend who had defaulted. She revealed that she had to live off her relatives, who weren’t very fond of her. After making a successful debut as a singer, she bought a building complex worth about $3.9 million, plus a mansion and some lands. She recently purchased an apartment in Cheongdam-dong for about $13 million in cash.

Won Bin grew up watching his father working in an underground coal mine. But after starring in several hit series, he became a phenomenal star. Currently, he owns three buildings worth about $25 million in total.

Bae Yong Joon grew up in a financially struggling household after his father’s business failure. He started out with a minor role, but he has achieved many big successes in his career. As a result, he made about $23.8 million in 2005 alone. Moreover, he has established a management agency and transformed into a businessman.

No.1 of the list goes to Kwon Sang Woo. Having lived in rented houses under his single mother, he emerged as one of the first Hallyu stars after making his acting debut. He currently lives in a luxurious apartment and owns a building each worths about $5 million and $22 million. Also, he is said to have acquired a penthouse in the heart of the Gold Coast in Australia. Kwon Sang Woo’s real estate is now worth about $46 million.


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