Keep Up with the Latest in K-POP with New Arirang TV Shows on NEW K.ID

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NEW ID, Korea’s leading media company delivering premium Asian content via its global FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV) platforms, is now working together with Korea’s top global broadcast network Arirang TV to launch 2 K-pop shows, Simply’s Spotlight and I’m LIVE on NEW ID’s K-Pop channels (via 8 global FAST platforms).

“Through 3 K-pop channels, NEW ID is ready to support new K-pop artists on their journey to become global stars. It also brings a good opportunity to our viewers to keep up with the latest K-POP trends,” said June Park, CEO of NEW ID.

NEW ID currently operates three K-Pop-oriented channels. Of the three, NEW K.ID is the company’s flagship K-Pop-oriented channel. All new Arirang TV shows will be airing on NEW K.ID, NEW ID’s flagship K-Pop channel. Simply’s Spotlight and I’m LIVE will also be airing on two of NEW K.ID’s sister K-Pop channels- Whosfan NEWS and Mubeat, respectively.

All shows have been scheduled throughout the week to give viewers more opportunities to watch and enjoy the programs at the most convenient times.

Arirang TV EPG on NEW K.ID

Simply’s Spotlight airs every Thursday at 5:30 ~ 6:30 PM and Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 PM PST.

Credit: NEW ID

Simply’s Spotlight provides you with the latest K-Pop news and stage performances of new K-pop artists. Fans around the globe will be able to listen to the title songs and B-side track songs of their favorite artists.

Each episode features artists and performances from rising idols like TXT, AB6IX, ENHYPHEN, ROCKET PUNCH, and more!

Simply’s Spotlight episodes back to back every Thursday at 5:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 pm- only on NEW K.ID!

I’m LIVE is on air every Wednesday 5:30 ~ 6:30 PM & Friday 7:30 ~8:30 PM PST.

Credit: NEW ID

I’m LIVE is a live concert program featuring Korea’s top musicians where artists share their life stories, thoughts, and feelings about their songs. This unique show gives fans the chance to feel like they have front-row seats in a mini live concert.

Every episode features K-POP musicians who have been in the spotlight on major K-POP competition programs such as K-POP Star and Superstar K such as AKMU, Kwon Jin Ah, and NIve who wrote and produced songs for major K-Pop artists, including EXO, EXO’s CHEN, Paul Kim, Sam Kim, Jeong Se Woon, HYNN, and more.

Enjoy two I’m LIVE episodes back to back only on NEW K.ID on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm and Fridays at 7:30 pm on NEW K.ID!


Credit: NEW ID

NEW K.ID airs K-Pop music programs such as Show Champion, We K-Pop, Fact iN Star, Weekly Idol, and more, featuring the latest stage live performances from the top and new K-pop artists such as BLACKPINK, SF9, CIX, OMEGA X, and more. The channel also adds in a mix of fun and entertainment to viewers with variety shows such as TREASURE MAP, Secret Friend of Idols, and web dramas such as Replay featuring Miyeon from (G)-IDLE. Every week

NEW K.ID also announces the winners of the NEW K.ID Idol Ranking Chart and Top 10 shows. Winners are determined based on the idols and shows with the highest viewership on the NEW K.ID channel during the week. Recent winners include TXT, STAYC, STRAY KIDS, NCT DREAM, BLACKPINK, ROCKET PUNCH, and more.

NEW K.ID is currently available on multiple FAST and streaming platforms. Platforms and channel numbers are as follows: The Roku Channel (#564), Samsung TV Plus US (#1296), LG Channels (#511), Xumo (#511), VIZIO (#942), ZEASN (#4056), Plex, Vewd, and

Both Whosfan NEWS and Mubeat channels are available to watch now on LG Channels.
Mubeat channel numbers on LG Channels are as follows: United States (#537), Canada (#537), Mexico (#278), Brazil (#278), Germany (#278), Italy (#278), Spain (#278), and France (#278).

Whosfan NEWS channel number and on LG Channels are as follows: United States: (#535), Canada (#535), Mexico (#295), Brazil (#295), Germany (#295), Italy (#295), Spain (#295), and France (#295).

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