‘My Roommate Is a Gumiho’: Jang Ki Yong Talks about How He Got So Close with Hyeri

Jang Ki Yong Hyeri
Jang Ki Yong Hyeri
Credit: YG Entertainment

Jang Ki Yong shared his final thoughts on My Roommate Is a Gumiho �through his agency, YG Entertainment. In his latest drama, his role as Shin Woo Yeo, a 999-year-old Gumiho, drew a lot of attention throughout the airing.

Q1. How are you feeling now that the drama is over?

I think it took about 6 months to film the whole series, but I don’t know how the time passed. We all had a lot of fun throughout the season. The director, the writer, the staff, and the actors all had great energy. Thanks to that, I enjoyed my time on the film set. As it is a precious work for me, I hope that it will be remembered as a pleasant drama that gave a lot of laughter to the viewers.

Q2. The drama also topped the popularity chart for the hot cast.

I’m grateful because many viewers paid great attention to the pictorials and variety shows filmed before the drama aired. We had good chemistry in the variety shows because we’ve already got very close since we filmed a drama together previously. The love and support kept me going until the end of the filming.

Q3. What was the atmosphere on set like?

We got close and became good colleagues. I’ve worked with Hye Ri before. There were many scenes with her this time, too. So, I was able to settle in quickly. The other casts, Kang Han Na, Kim Do Wan, Bae In Hyuk, and Park Kyung Hye, are all of the same age, so we joked around and talked a lot and counted on each other. The director made us feel very comfortable, so there was always a lot of laughter on set.

Q4. What scene did you enjoy the most?

I had a lot of them. The scenes where Woo Yeo suddenly surprises Da Mi by using his sorcery or shapeshifting as soon as they start living together were both fun to watch and film. The scene where he pointed out Hye Seon’s mistakes was also fun to watch. I think Hye Sun’s sloppiness and Woo Yeo’s direct personality are well-packed in a fun way.

Q5. The character of a 999-year-old nine-tailed fox was unusual.

Woo Yeo was a really challenging character. Since the nine-tailed foxes are imaginary beings, there were parts where my imagination is required to impersonate the role. On the set, I asked a lot of questions to the director, and I tried to understand Woo Yeo by reading the script repeatedly. Making Jang Ki Yong’s own version of the nine-tail fox was a difficult yet interesting process.

Q6. A word to the viewers?

It was my first fantasy rom-com, so I want to thank the viewers for liking my performance in it. Sadly, we don’t have many opportunities to meet in person these days, but your support has always been a big help. We are working hard to create opportunities to communicate with you a little more. I’m working hard on the next project, so please look forward to it.


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  • What the….. I’m gonna crying now he’s very thoughtful and humble to us. I know I’m just 15 years old and I’m from Philippines but I understand him…… I loved him starting years ago he gives me hope and inspiring me, when ever I’m sad I watch his drama and I always want to hear he’s song. I’m very happy that you appreciate us. I will gonna support you in your dreams, and good bless you more drama to come. And I hope I see you in person I know it is impossible. I’m greatful and thankful as your supporter. I hope this message you will seen this. 사랑해 장기용

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