Krystal Introduces Her New Drama ‘Police University’ as a Work that Anyone Can Enjoy

police university kdrama

Krystal has transformed into a confident and honest freshman at the ‘Police University’.

police university kdrama
Credit: KBS

KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Police University centers around a passionate detective and a genius police student who used to be a hacker. They meet in the National Police University as a professor and student, and together, they team up to start a chaotic investigation.

In the series, Krystal plays Oh Kang Hee, a freshman at the Police University. She works nonstop to achieve her dream of becoming a police officer despite the pain she harbors inside. Equipped with a desire to win and undying passion, she will tell a heartwarming growth story with her classmates.

In the still photos released today, Krystal shows off an overwhelming aura as an aspiring police officer. Perfectly pulling off a judo attire and police uniform, she has disappeared into her role. Even from the photos, you can see the determined will of a person who has a strong sense of justice. In another photo, Krystal also boasts her beauty in a school uniform. Attention is paid to her performance, which will go back and forth between firmness and softness.

police university kdrama
Credit: KBS

Krystal chose the following keywords to describe her role: confidence, honesty, and police. “Oh Kang hee is always confident, is never pretentious, and never holds grudges. Above all else, she had dreamed of becoming a police officer for a long time. She is also the kind of person who works hard to fulfill her dream,” she shared.

The actress then introduced Police University as a work that anyone can enjoy. “A lot of people will sympathize with the story of the youth,” she said. “The professors’ storytellings are interesting. But mostly, since it’s set in a police university, which was never shown in a TV series before, anyone who wishes to enter the school can enjoy it.”

Meanwhile, Police University will premiere on August 9th.


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