‘Sinkhole’ Lee Kwang Soo Turns into a Selfish Man Who Changes His Attitude in the Face of a Crisis

Sinkhole Lee Kwang Soo

Lee Kwang Soo is returning to the big screen with the new disaster movie ‘Sinkhole.’

Sinkhole Lee Kwang Soo
Credit: Showbox

Sinkhole begins when a man’s house, which took him 11 years to obtain, falls into a sinkhole in a minute. And in the movie, Lee plays Kim Seung Hyun, an office worker who has neither confidence nor luck. He will be in charge of adding vitality to the play with his unique pleasantness.

Kim Seung Hyun has given up on having his own house and love in this life. Still, he dreams of romance in the workplace, but he’s intimidated by a competitor who has both a car and a house. Having to deal with what’s on his plate, he has no time to worry about how people see him as a “selfish person.”

When he visits his boss Park Dong Won’s (Kim Sung Kyun) housewarming party, he falls into the sinkhole with the house. He pours out complaints at first. However, he slowly learns how to work with others to get through the unprecedented crisis.

Sinkhole Lee Kwang Soo
Credit: Showbox

“Kim Seung Hyun is an unlucky character who falls into a sinkhole after coming to hang out with his boss. He is a selfish person. But he learns how to work as a team and help others in the face of a disaster situation and grows up,” Lee shared.

Sinkhole director Kim Ji Hoon praised Lee, saying, “He is an actor with a deep density and accessibility to the character he is playing. He did such a great job that the tough experiences he had while filming Sinkhole were melted into the character he plays.”

Sinkhole will be released on August 11th. Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Kwang Soo, and Kim Hye Jun star in the work.

Source: Showbox

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