Ryu Jun Yeol And Jeon Do Yeon’s Upcoming JTBC Drama Reveals Intriguing Teaser Poster

Ryu Jun Yeol drama
Ryu Jun Yeol drama
Credit: JTBC

JTBC has released a teaser poster for Human Disqualification (aka No Longer Human), marking its 10th anniversary.

It tells the experiences of ordinary individuals who realize they haven’t accomplished anything in their life and strive to be in the spotlight.

Jeon Do Yeon will be a woman who feels adrift because she hasn’t accomplished anything in her chosen profession so far. Ryu Jun Yeol will be a guy who is frightened of himself because he is afraid that he would never be able to become anyone successful. It tells a healing story drawn by two men and women facing their own darkness.

Jeon Do Yeon drama
Credit: JTBC

Jeon Do Yeon will play Boo Jung, a ghostwriter who has always tried her best in her life. However, she feels dissatisfied with herself and believes she hasn’t yet �been able to amount to anything.

Kang Jae, played by Ryu Jun Yeol, is a guy who owns a service in which people play whatever roles clients desire. Despite his efforts to transcend poverty, the fear of success always haunts him.

The production team of Human Disqualification said, “The story of the two will warm the viewers’ hearts. It’s been a long time since there has been a deeply emotional drama in the industry that lingers in our minds. I hope this work would allow the audience to find what Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol is capable of. So, please stay tuned for their wonderful teamwork.”

Produced by One Fine Spring Day and Christmas in August director Hur Jin Ho, No Longer Human will premiere in September.

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