‘Yumi’s Cells’ Releases First-Look Pictures of Kim Go Eun

Yumi’s Cells Kim Go Eun
Yumi's Cells Kim Go Eun
Credit: TVING

Yumi’s Cells, which will be available on TVING and tvN, released Kim Go Eun’s first-look pictures of Kim Go Eun.

Kim’s new series will be a story of an ordinary woman, Yumi. It follows her romance from the perspective of her cells and together they will eat, love, and grow up within the series.

Yumi's Cells Kim Go Eun
Credit: TVING

Yumi’s Cells will be produced in several seasons, based on a popular webtoon of the same name that went viral online for its imaginative approach of personifying human cells. Since the story follows the stream of her cells’ consciousness, they will play a very important role within the screenplay. And to deliver such a story in the best format, the series will be produced in a combination of animation and live-action.

Yumi, played by Kim Go Eun, is an ordinary woman who has a desk job. One day, she finds herself in an unexpected, heart-fluttering experience in the middle of her dull routines. Kim Go Eun will paint Yumi’s joyful everyday lives and heartwarming growth story with her delicate acting.

The production crew shared, “Kim Go Eun is an actor who is able to find Yumi’s hidden charms. Please stay tuned for her amazing work in making a realistic and highly relatable character.”


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