Gain Was Fined for Illegal Use of Propofol; The Agency Issues an Apology for Her Rash Decision

Brown Eyed Girls Gain

Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain admitted to her illegal propofol use and apologized.

Brown Eyed Girls Gain
Credit: GQ Korea

Mystic Story issued an official statement on Thursday and admitted that Gain’s mistakes. “It is true that last year, Gain was fined 1 million KRW (about $884) after being indicted on charges of illegal propofol use,” they wrote.

Yesterday, a media outlet reported that a popular girl group member was fined for illegally using the drug between July and August 2019. Soon, the outlets named Gain as the singer in question, stirring up the internet.

Mystic Story continued, “We deeply apologize for the fact that both Gain and the agency did not apologize for this matter earlier, despite recognizing it as a socially incorrect action.”

Brown Eyed Girls Gain
Credit: NYLON

However, the agency explained the situation on Gain’s behalf. “Gain has suffered many kinds of injuries resulting from her long career of promoting as a singer. And that has caused her lasting pain, depression, and sleep disorders. Because of that, she ended up making a bad decision,” they shared.

Then they took the blame on themselves and apologized. “Neither the artist nor the agency was able to find an effective solution,” they wrote. “As an agency, we deeply apologize for our lack of responsibility.”

With the shocking news, Gain’s past remarks about marijuana have surfaced once again. Back in 2017, Gain caused a stir when she revealed that an acquaintance of Ju Ji Hoon, her boyfriend at the time, offered her a bag of weed.

At the time, she wrote, “As you all know, I’m the ex of a drug addict. I had almost succumbed to the temptation, but I got through it safely.” �She then emphasized her conscience, saying that she voluntarily received drug tests every three months.


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