A Character Guide to a Courtroom Mystery ‘The Devil Judge’

The Devil Judge Park Kyu Young Jin Young Kim Min Jung Ji Sung

The Devil Judge Park Kyu Young Jin Young Kim Min Jung Ji SungCredit: tvN

tvN’s The Devil Judge, premiering on July 3, is raising viewer expectations as it presents its unique settings different from the existing courtroom dramas. The Devil Judge is a drama that delivers a message of justice through a live courtroom show in which the entire nation participates in a fictional dystopian Republic of Korea. Let’s estimate what kind of work it will be through looking at the main characters.


Ji Sung (Kang Yo Han, Presiding Judge Of the Trial Court)

The Devil Judge Ji Sung
Credit: tvN

The enigmatic star judge. Behind his mysterious looks, Yo Han hides his hatred of all humankind. Having had a miserable childhood, he realizes that he could use human folly to manipulate them at his will. He wants to hunt down the greedy. After 10 years of suppressing his evil instincts and wearing the mask of a sincere and upright judge, he finally completes the stage of the public participation trial broadcasted live to the entire nation. However, Ga On gets in Yo Han’s way to fight the battle to his heart’s content. Ga On, who resembles him so much, bumps into him head-on and tries to stop his actions.


Kim Min Jung (Jung Sun Ah, Executive Director, Social Responsibility Foundation)

The Devil Judge Kim Min Jung
Credit: tvN

Kang Yo Han’s one and only enemy. Her greatest weapon is to accurately see through the real desires of humans hidden behind hypocrisy and use it. She is similar to Yo Han in that she sees through the insides of humans and manipulates them, except that she does not have any anger against human hypocrisy, greed, or stupidity. She is a true hedonist, and her hobby is collecting beautiful, luxury items and Kang Yo Han is on her list. Thus, Yo Han becomes a source of desire and a source of ruin.


Jin Young (Kim Ga On, Seated Judge of the Demonstration Tribunal)

The Devil Judge Jin Young
Credit: tvN

A popular judge with his own fan club. He has a rough side to his personality hidden behind his pretty face. When he was 16, his parents committed suicide after losing all their fortune to a pyramid fraud. As a result, he has an instinct to reject and distrust those in power who deceive the world. The same goes for Yo Han. Ga On enters the trial court to monitor and trace Kang Yo Han following orders of Justice Min Jeong Ho, his mentor who’s also a friend of his father. However, the closer he becomes to Yo Han, the more confused he gets, and he feels something is seriously off with the mission he’s on.


Park Kyu Young (Yoon Soo Hyun, Wide-Area Detective)

The Devil Judge Park Kyu Young
Credit: tvN

Kim Ga On’s childhood friend. She likes Ga On, but she intentionally covers the feelings as a joke and acts as his big sister. Soo Hyun, who sticks to the principles, helps Ga On to follow Yo Han. The more she realizes his secret, the more startles she gets. She can’t accept the process even if the wicked are being judged during that process. The problem is that Ga On is gradually getting caught up in the trap Yo Han set.


Translator Cho EK: I’m a big fan of Korean dramas and movies.

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