A Timeline Recap of ‘Mine’: Who Killed Lee Hyun Wook?

korean drama Mine
korean drama Mine Lee Hyun Wook
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With only two remaining episodes, tvN Mine raises the question of who the real culprit is in the Cadenza murder case. Where did the case begin? How did it end up here? First, let’s take a look at the timeline.

korean drama Mine Lee Bo Young
Credit: tvN

60 Days Before the Incident

The Hyowon Family, who had enjoyed a stable yet luxurious upper-class life, was shattered when Kang Ja Kyung entered the house as a new tutor for Seo Hee Soo and Han Ji Yong’s son. From the beginning, Kang crossed the line multiple times, getting on Seo’s nerves. And later, Kang turned out to be Han Ha Joon’s biological mother, who was believed to be dead. All of this chaos resulted from Han Ji Yong’s arrogance of wanting to raise his kid ideally. Because of this, the peaceful life started to crack.

15 Days Before the Incident

After learning about her husband’s betrayal, Seo decided to leave the Hyowon Family with Jung Seo Hyun. On the surface, she appeared fighting against Kang, who wanted to take her stepson away. But it was her plan to deceive him, and she manages to attack him on the court with a counter-testimony. On top of that, she handed Han the divorce paper and revealed to him, who had an unusual obsession for his biological children, that she had a miscarriage.

2 Days Before the Incident

Earlier, Jung Seo Hyun gathered the board of directors and exposed Han Ji Yong’s hideous crimes. In the meeting, she begged them not to entrust Hyowon with him. And thanks to her efforts, the decision to make Han Ji Yong the next chairman was deferred. Since Han even ordered to kill Kwak Soo Chang, a fighter he hired from an illegal arena, to remove all the possible obstacles in his path, growing more tension. And this is probably why his older brother Han Jin Ho said that he looked anxious a few days before his death.

The Day of the Incident

The murder took place on the day of Han Soo Hyuk and Kim Yu Yeon’s engagement party. Even though it was a place of celebration, a suspicious atmosphere flooded over the Hyowon Family. Especially, Seo Hee Soo and Jung Seo Hyun kept a close eye on Han Ji Yong, who disappeared after receiving a report from butler Kim Sung Tae.

korean drama Mine Lee Hyun Wook
Credit: tvN

These are all that happened before Han Ji Yong’s death. Since then, characters have given contradicting testimonies, throwing a case into chaos. These testimonies include the words of Mother Emma, Seo Hee Soo, who lost her memory, and Jung Seo Hyun, who chose to stay silent after witnessing unconscious Seo Hee Soo lying next to Han Ji Yong. On top of that, in the second half of episode 14, Seo Hee Soo, who lost her memories, called her maid’s name and saved her son from a car accident. Just like how the detective suspected, it makes our suspicions grow stronger against her. What is the truth behind the murder case?

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