Kim Kang Woo and Kim So Hye’s New Horror Movie ‘Guimoon’ Unveiled Its Teaser

Kim Kang Woo Kim So Hye Guimoon
korean movie Guimoon
Credit: CJ CGV

The movie Guimoon (working title) has unveiled its first teaser.

Guimoon depicts an extreme horror in an empty community building that was abandoned due to mass murder in 1990. The movie follows a paranormal investigator with shaman’s blood in his family and three inquisitive college students. Kim Kang Woo and Kim So Hye took the lead roles.

The teaser begins with students saying, “No one would know if someone dies here.” The teaser follows the haunting adventure of the three students who went into the building to find out the truth behind the rumor, creating extreme tension. In addition, the caption that reads, “Those who came in cannot leave,” and the panicking college students make us wonder if they will make it out of the haunted center.

Guimoon is the first Korean film to be produced in 2D, ScreenX, and 4DX.

The movie will be released with more than 2,000 openings worldwide in August.


Source: CJ CGV

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