Viewers Are Not So Pleased with Song Kang’s Acting in ‘Nevertheless’

Song Kang Nevertheless
Song Kang Nevertheless
Credit: JTBC

On June 19th, Nevertheless premiered amid public interest. But soon after the broadcast, Song Kang’s poor acting heated the internet. It’s already his fifth lead role, but he is still far from “meeting the viewers’ expectation.”

Nevertheless is about a realistic romance between a woman who doesn’t believe in love but still wishes to date and a man who doesn’t want to date but still wants to have fun. It’s an adaptation of the popular webtoon of the same title.

The first 15 minutes led by Han So Hee (playing Yoo Na Bi) was enjoyable. Yoo Na Bi’s breakup scene was a combination of Han’s solid acting and the producer’s unique directing, and it impressed the viewers. Plus, Yoo Na Bi’s realistic conversations with her friends also drew the viewers into the show.

Song Kang Nevertheless
Credit: JTBC

However, as soon as Song Kang (playing Park Jae Won) showed up, things started to fall apart. His imprecise pronunciation and awkward expressions disappointed the viewers. Especially, Park Jae Won is a man with “fatal charm” that Yoo Na Bi falls in love with at first sight. But that charm was halved by Song Kang’s bad acting. Yes, his looks were perfect, but that can’t lead an entire series.

On top of that, the plot without a climax and Han So Hee’s narration, which was basically the explanations of characters’ emotions, received mixed reactions. The only great thing from the premiere episode was the background music.

Song Kang’s agency praised the actor, saying, “He flawlessly pulled off various emotions of the character.” But that’s far from the opinions of many.


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