Netflix Drops Intense Main Poster and Trailer of ‘The 8th Night’

The 8th Night Netflix
The 8th Night Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s The 8th Night released the main poster and trailer of an upcoming intense mystery thriller film.

The 8th Night is a movie about an eight-day struggle to stop a demon, “who must not be unbound” from its resurrection.

The main poster showcases a clear contrast between red and black as if it’s representing the “red” and the “black” that should never come together. Meanwhile, the caption in red font chillingly reads, “Don’t you dare open your eyes.” Plus, the image of the seven stepping stones adds an ominous and suspenseful vibe to the poster.

Also, the stern expressions of the four characters raise curiosity about what will happen in the movie. In it, Lee Sung Min plays Park Jin Soo, the man who protects “the seal that can never be unbound.” Park Hae Joon plays Kim Ho Tae, a detective investigating the mysterious deaths. Kim Yoo Jung will be Ae Ran, a mysterious girl with a secret. And finally, Nam Da Reum will be Chung Seok, a young monk who follows Park Jin Soo.

The main trailer also catches the eyes with breathtaking tension. The video begins with Monk Ha Jung’s prophecy of “who must not be unbound,” crossing the stepping stones to find its other half. Soon, each character takes part in the chilling battle that’s about to come, raising tension. Especially, Park Jin Soo’s struggle to chase the demon to stop the world where “the living and the dead will fall into anger and despair” captures the attention.

The 8th Night will be released on Netflix on July 2nd.


Source: Netflix

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