5 Best Satisfying Quotes by Hyeri in ‘My Roommate Is a Gumiho’

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Hyeri has completely disappeared into Lee Dam, an ordinary yet special girl, in tvN’s My Roommate Is a Gumiho.

Hyeri shared, “Lee Dam is a ‘young and trendy person during the press conference.’ She is a very lively, honest, and confident girl who needs to say what’s on her mind. And that makes her very attractive. I wanted to play her so bad.” And like what Hyeri said, Lee Dam is faithful to her feelings and acts wisely when she faces unreasonable situations. Let’s look at the quotes that best show Lee Dam’s charm.


“You’re not my type.” (Episode 3)

When Shin Woo Yeo hugs her out of the blue, Lee Dam asks him his intention. Shin answers her with a question, “If I ask you out, will you say yes?” to which she responds “no” without hesitation. Soon, she adds, “You’re not my type,” giving a great agony to Shin, who has lured humans for nearly a thousand years.


“I’ll just consider that you had no one to teach you at home. (Episode 4)”

After overhearing male students rating her looks at school, Lee Dam hits home with the following quote, “If you were taught well at home, you wouldn’t be here judging people with their looks.” The girl didn’t run away from the situation that could be embarrassing. Still, she confronted them head-on, revealing her candid and righteous personality.


“I’ll come back and sit, so talk to me and worry about me like you used to do (Episode 4).”

Credit: tvN

Lee Dam, who was sad about the sudden change in Shin Woo Yeo’s attitude, burst into tears as she says, “Let’s go back to like we used to be.” She then left and returned to the table, resetting the situation as if they had met for the first time. And as Shin Woo Yeo spoke to her like he used to, she got choked up. In this scene, Lee Dam’s bold move stopped Shin Woo Yeo, who was afraid of being attached to a human being, from pulling away from her. After this event, Lee Dam and Shin Woo Yeo became even more intimate.


“I’m not that interested in you.” (Episode 6)

After Lee Dam learned that Gye Sun Woo placed a bet on her with his friends, she told him, “I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.” Even after Gye Sun Woo said his sincerest apology, Lee Dam still answered with a frosty response, saying, “I’m sorry, but I’m not that interested in you.” Lee Dam, who has curved Gye Sun Woo repeatedly, further accentuated the character’s charm.


“Why should I take your umbrella?” (Episode 8)

Credit: tvN

After removing the marble from Lee Dam, Shin Woo Yeo still hovered around her. But Lee Dam misunderstood that he only used her to gather the energy. Feeling resentful for Shin Woo Yeo, who cut off all ties without saying a word, Lee Dam treats him coldly. The difference in her attitude adds to the curiosity about how the relationship between the two will change.


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