‘Escape from Mogadishu’ Unveils 11 Photos that Capture the Desperate and Urgent Moments

Escape from Mogadishu
Credit: Lotte Entertainment
Escape from Mogadishu
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Escape from Mogadishu, which has confirmed its summer release, unveiled 11 still photos.

Escape from Mogadishu depicts details of the perilous escape attempt made by North and South Korean embassies stranded during the conflict during the Somali Civil War in the 1990s. And the released photos capture the desperate situation of those trying to escape the civil war of a foreign country.

Escape from Mogadishu
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Han Sin Seong (Kim Yoon Seok), Korean ambassador to Somalia, engages in an all-out diplomatic war in Somalia for Korea’s accession to the UN. Counselor Kang Dae Jin (Jo In Sung) is a former agent of ANSP (Agency for National Security Planning) who was dispatched to Somalia to manage the Korean embassy.

North Korean ambassador Lim Yong Soo (Heo Jeon Ho) and his counselor Tae Joon Ki (Koo Kyo Hwan) exude powerful charisma. But above all else, their struggles to escape the crisis catch the eye.

Escape from Mogadishu
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Along with the figures mentioned above, the various characters enliven the story: Kim Myung Hee (Kim So Jin), Korean ambassador’s wife; secretary Gong Soo Chul (Jung Man Sik); embassy clerk Jo Soo Jin (Kim Jae Hwa); rookie clerk Park Ji Eun (Park Kyung Hae). Finally, the stills that capture Somalians’ protest show a glimpse into the chaotic city.

This summer, Lotte Entertainment will release director Ryu Seung Wan’s 11th feature film, Escape from Mogadishu.

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