Horror Omnibus Project ‘Tastes of Horror’ Unveils Its Impressive Cast

The original horror omnibus series ‘Tastes of Horror’ unveiled its impressive cast.

Tastes of Horror, which starts its first season in August 2021, is the new project in which webtoon and short-form videos will be published simultaneously. Among the 20 webtoons to be released on Kakao Page, five filmmakers will select a few and cinematize them. Kim Yong Kyun, Im Dae Woong, Ahn Sang Hoon, Yoon Eun Kyung, and Chae Yeo Joon were tapped as the project’s directors. Plus, these five filmmakers will get together to present ten short films.

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For Kim Yong Kyun’s Tick Tock Tick Tock, child actor Park So Yi and actress Yoo Da In will be taking the lead role. It will be an emotional horror movie about an abused child meeting a ghost. Kim’s second film Fitness Center Only for Residents, begins as residents of a building meet ghosts in the fitness center. Yoon Hyun Min and Jang Kwang will play the main roles.

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Im Dae Woong will produce Rehabilitation and Delivery Completed. Rehabilitation, starring Lee Joo Young and Kim Joo Ryung, revolves around a paramedic trapped in a mysterious space after being injured during a rescue mission. Delivery Completed, starring Go Eun Min and Lee So Young, adds horror to the no-contact era where all communications are done through electronic devices.

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Ahn Sang Hoon’s Ding Dong Challenge centers around the high school girls who dare to dan along with a bizarre dance move that’s supposed to grant their wishes. For the project, CLC’s Seunghee, Yeeun, and Seungyeon will take the lead. Ahn’s second project, Hey, Mamons, illustrates how an AI speaker that tells day-to-day fortune service shatters a marriage. Kim Tae Kyun and Ban So Young will be starring in the work.

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Yoon Eun Kyung’s first project, Four-Legged Beast, depicts a horror story about how one’s grade goes up once they sacrifice a four-legged animal’s blood. Shin Eun Soo and Kim Ho Jung will spice up the tension as a mother and a daughter. Gold Teeth, Yoon’s second project, tells the story of Jun Tae, who steals the gold teeth of the dead to pay his debt. For the film, Kim Dong Young and Shin Moon Sung will play the lead roles.

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Chae Yeo Joon is in charge of producing Jackpot and Gluttony. Jackpot, starring Kim Tae Hoon and Jo Jae Yoon, focuses on lowlives’ greed through a man who has hit the jackpot. Moreover, Choi Soo Im and Park Jin Ah will star in Gluttony, which begins when an anorexic mukbang BJ vomits a strange thing during a live broadcast.


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