‘Youth of May’ Lee Do Hyun Says Go Min Si Made Him Feel More Comfortable

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Youth of May actor Lee Do Hyun became the new “romance king.” Playing Hwang Hee Tae, who had to face the brutal reality of 1980, Lee depicted a sorrowful love story that ended in tragedy.

On the 10th, the actor shared his thoughts on wrapping up Youth of May through his agency.

Credit: KBS

Q1. How do you feel now that the series has ended?

First of all, I’m glad that we finished filming on a good note. I am grateful, and I feel honored to have worked with the director, writer, staff, and actors who have helped me disappear into the role until the very end.


Q2. What were the happiest and most difficult aspects of the series?

It was both inspiring and challenging to play a boy who might have existed in the 1980s. While preparing and filming the work, I first thought, “What would I have done in the 1980s?” Then I thought, “When it comes to expressing one’s love, nothing has changed from the past.” I also realized that “Just because the times and environments are different, it doesn’t mean everything is different.”


Q3. What did you focus on the most about Hwang Hee Tae? And what is the most memorable moment?

I mainly focused on how to show a difference between his attitude towards Myung Hee and his attitude towards others. If I had to pick one, the scene where I parted ways with Myung Hee at a crossroad for the last time is the most memorable moment. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t let go of her hands, and I was just really moved because it was such a heartbreaking and affectionate scene.

Credit: KBS

Q4. What was it like working with Go Min Si as a couple?

Thanks to Go Min Si, I had a great time on the set. We are of the same age, and we have worked together once before, so we talked more deeply and comfortably about the scenes.


Q5. With this work, you won the nicknames “romance king” and “honey-sweet eyes.” Do you have any other nicknames you want in the future?

I am grateful that people remember and send love to the person, Lee Do Hyun. I’m so honored to be called with such amazing nicknames. I do have one nickname that I want to hear for the rest of my life, and it’s “an actor you can trust.” I want to work harder and become a good actor so that people would say “I should see it” when they see a work I star in.


Q6. You won the Best New Actor Award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.

I graduated from Chung-Ang University as a theater major for the 57th class. So I was thrilled that I started my career with the 57th class, which gave me the dream of becoming an actor, and won an award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.


Q7. What are your plans for the future?

I will try my best and return as a good person and good actor Lee Do Hyun, who has the ability to disappear into the role. Once again, thank you so much for loving Youth of May.


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