Netflix Drops the Photos of 5 Characters in ‘The 8th Night’

Credit: Netflix

Netflix unveiled photos of 5 characters in The 8th night. The film depicts the eight-day struggle to stop the resurrection of the mysterious beings, ‘the one who shouldn’t wake up.’

In the released photos, we can sense the subtle tension of the five characters: Jin Su (Lee Sung Min), Ho Tae (Park Hae Joon), Ae Ran (Kim Yoo Jung), Cheong Seok (Nam Da Reum), and Dong Jin (Kim Dong Young). Together, they are in the same loop of fate by the demon, which will make a world filled with pain and darkness upon its resurrection. With the stills, the actors shared their thoughts on their new mysterious project.

Credit: Netflix

First, Lee Sung Min said, “I talked a lot with the director about what karma the character has.” Secondly, Park Hae Joon shared, “I wanted to show a passionate, stubborn detective who shows his kind heart to deputy detectives.” Thirdly, Kim Yoo Jung said, “I tried not to express my emotion and become a mysterious girl who doesn’t say much but has something that she wants to say.” Nam Da Reum said, “I tried to raise my voice tone and use much facial expression to play the bright and pure character, ‘Cheong Seok.’ I made sure so that the audience could easily assume what’s he like.”

Source: Netflix

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