Kyung Soo Jin Says People Used to Ask Her for ‘Mouse’ Spoilers About Who the Killer Is

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On the 25th, Kyung Soo Jin held a video interview to mark the end of tvN’s Mouse. In Mouse, which chases after the vicious psychopath killer, Kyung played Current Affairs and Culture producer Choi Hong Ju. She is a proud woman who throws herself into the case once her mind is set.

The first emotion that hit her after Mouse ended was “relieved.” “I was relieved. Hong Ju had such profound storytelling and lived such traumatic life, so having that inside while acting was tough. After wrapping up Hong Ju’s story, I feel bittersweet.”

Hong Ju is a cold-hearted producer who delves into murder cases, so she had to act while restraining the whirling emotions as much as she can. “I focused on delivering the fact so that emotions wouldn’t sway my performance. In real broadcast, there’s a teleprompter, but I had to memorize the entire script, so there was a lot of pressure.”

Mouse eventually shocked us with the twist where Jung Ba Reum turned out to be the psychopath killer. But since cases piled up on top of other cases, the series managed to pursue its mysterious plot where we couldn’t discern the evil from the good. “I received so many questions about who the psychopath is and what kind of person is Hong Ju. That’s when I realized viewers are enjoying our show with lots of questions. It was the director’s directions and the writer’s script that lead all 20 episodes to success with the glowing reviews about the ending scenes.”

Credit: YG Entertainment

She lavished praises on her co-stars. “On the set, Lee Hee Joon was the leader. Lee Seung Gi is a person who laughs a lot. They were all so considerable and cheerful. Helping each other, we got to exchange positive energy.”

Kyung went into detail about Lee hee Joon. “I always thought that Lee Hee Joon’s acting is fresh and lively. I wanted to work with her, and I got the chance this time. He was an even better actor than I expected. His attitude towards his performance is delicate. And he is also such a warm person. There was so much to learn from him.”

About Lee Seung Gi, she shared, “I got to see how professional he is on the set. He was an actor who cared about the props and every situation.” She also added, “There is this warm side to him that we all know about, but he clearly has this rational and confident attitude in him when it comes to acting. He did study the tone of his acting a lot.”

For her next project, Kyung wishes to play a more realistic role. “There is a project that I’m reviewing now, but nothing has been decided. Since I’ve tried the crime/mystery genre, I want to go with a rom-com or realistic romance next time.”


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