Ji Chang Wook and Cho Woo Jin’s New Film ‘Hard Hit’ Drops Official Trailer

Credit: CJ ENM

Upcoming film Hard Hit has finally released its thrilling official trailer!

Sung Kyu, played by Jo Woo Jin, works as a bank branch manager. One morning, he goes out to drive his children to school and then to work. But soon, he receives a phone call with no caller ID. The caller warns him that “a bomb will explode when you get out of the car.”

The released trailer begins with Sung Kyu’s morning routine of driving his children to school before heading to work. On his way, he receives a strange phone call from a man who tells him that his car with planted with a bomb, demanding a large amount of money. Sung Kyu believes it to be a prank call at first. He then receives a phone call from a coworker, who informs him that he, too, received a call from a man about a bomb planted in his car. Sung Kyu becomes concerned but tries to remain calm until a car blows off right before his eyes. The anonymous caller warns him that if Sung Kyu gets out of his seat, calls the cops, or makes him angry, the bomb will go off.

Credit: CJ ENM

The trailer depicts Sung Kyu, who must follow the instructions of the mysterious caller, making a difficult decision to survive and save his children.

In particular, the downtown car-chasing scene, which begins after Sung Kyu becomes a suspect for the car bombing and gets chased by special forces, will be the highlight of the movie. In addition, amazing actors such as Cho Woo Jin, Lee Jae In, and Ji Chang Wook will bring their perfect chemistry and great acting to the cinema.

Hard Hit will hit the Korean theater in June.

Source: CJ ENM

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