Seo In Guk Says Lee Soo Hyuk Is Adorable and Chatty Unlike the Roles He Plays

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Seo In Guk is coming back for the first time in eight years with the movie, Pipeline. He performs Pin Driller, the oil stealer, and shows the slick and outspoken side of him.

Seo In Guk said in a video interview for the movie released on the 24th, “The idea of stealing oil was a refreshing subject for a crime movie. The audience can expect to be exhilarated by how the shambles come together and overcome their crisis.

Pipeline is the first crime movie directed by You Ha, Once Upon a Time in High School (2004) and A Dirty Carnival (2006) director. Seo In Guk could not hide his joy as he had worked with him. “The director had a good opinion of me from the first meeting. He appreciated the rough and raw side in me. I think he thought that I was a good match for the with Pin Driller. He asked me to monitor whenever there was a modification in the script. It made me very happy to be trusted.”

Pipeline is the first domestic film that thoroughly deals with an oil heist crime. Seo In Guk also pointed out that the movie is unique because the scenes take place in an underground tunnel. “Six thieves are dreaming of changing their lives. People with different purposes play a team even when they are trying to deceive one another. The process of it is fascinating.”

Regarding his character Pin Driller, he said, “He is a genius who can deal with any situation with his sneaky tricks. I wanted to show how sometimes he can be a tough guy or someone who makes quick decisions. Since we share such different traits, I had numerous conversations with the director to find ways to portray the character.”

Credit: Megabox Plus M, Little Big Pictures

Pipeline is his second film since No Breathing (2013). When the interviewer asked why he returned to the screen after eight years, he answered, “There was no particular reason. I’ve been doing what seems most interesting. And I decided to return to the movie scene.”

The chemistry between the actors stands out in the movie. “This is my third time working with Lee Soo Hyuk. In fact, he’s adorable and talkative. I think he feels happy when he makes people laugh. Unlike his characters in the TV shows, he is very down-to-earth. Also, I’ve become close with all the other actors, especially Eum Moon Seok. we often meet in private and talk on the phone.”

Seo In Guk is the winner of the first season of Superstar K. He shared that he still has a big passion for the music industry. “I’ve always wanted to release a new album. And actually, I’ve already worked on a lot of tracks. There are piled-up songs in my warehouse. I recently set up a music studio to sing and make songs with close composers. I hope for the day I make a come back with a good song.”

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