Lee Byung Hun Makes a Surprise Appearance in ‘Upgrade Human’

The daily lives of Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun have been revealed.

In tvN Upgrade Human, which aired on May 20th, Lee Min Jung was featured for cooking a challenging dish for her 35-year-old pregnant friend.

Lee Min Jung, who learned how to cook black bean noodles and sweet and sour pork from the chef, returned home. Then she went through the cooking process while filming it.

When the host asked who was filming, Lee Min Jung said, “It was Lee Byung Hun because he needs to do something to eat my dish.”

In the video, Jun Hoo, the son of the two, said, “Dad, can you bring me some A4 paper?” And when Lee Byung Hun didn’t answer, he repeated. “Can you please bring me some A4 paper, Dad.” made the audience laugh. Lee Min Jung added, “My baby is a little love to talk.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Jung said to Lee Byung Hun, “You move too much. There are too many camera movements. You are too cinematic.”

On this day, Lee Min Jung shared, “My family loves Korean flavor so much that even If I cook western cuisine, they ask me if they can add red pepper paste.” She revealed their love for Korean food.


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