Ok Taec Yeon and Kim Hye Yoon Will Take the Lead in New Historical Comedy-Crime Series

Credit: 51K, Sidus HQ

Ok Taec Yeon and Kim Hye Yoon will set out on the exhilarating investigative adventure with tvN’s upcoming series ‘Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi’ (literal title).

Credit: 51K, Sidus HQ

Set in the Joseon Dynasty, Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi tells a fun story of a gourmet youngster and a divorced woman.

First of all, Ok Taec Yeon plays the role of Ra Yi Eon, the rank 6 officer. If there one thing Yi Eon wishes, it’s to open a small dumpling store near the capital. But life doesn’t go as his plans. He topped the state exam and then earned a place in Hongmungwan (Joseon dynasty’s administrative and research agency), which is one of the top elite courses in Joseon. And to makes things worse, he was appointed as the youngest secret royal inspector. It surely is an honor, but all Yi Eon wants is to leave work on time and eat dumplings in his room. However, the moment he meets Kim Jo Yi, his “homebody” life takes a dramatic turn.

Ok Taec Yeon’s opposite role Kim Jo Yi is played by Kim Hye Yoon. In Joseon, the mecca of Confucianism, Kim Jo Yi is a rare realist who thinks ahead of her time. She married a mama’s boy gambler three years ago, but her life has been a living hell since then. So she gently asks for a divorce and only received a stone-cold rejection. After many twists and turns, she is about to finally settle her divorce. But at that moment, she faces yet another trouble, the “secret royal inspector.” Ironically, the moment Jo Yi thinks her new rosy future is shattered, her story begins again.

Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea, Sidus HQ

Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi especially focuses on the journey of a lazy secret royal inspector, and a fiery woman who has a modern way of thinking. As they set off across the mysterious land filled with monstrous corrupt officials and practices, these two “extraordinary” figures will delight us with their thrilling “investigation show.”

The production team shared, “The fresh and pleasant chemistry between Ok Taec Yeon and Kim Hye Yoon is the point that we are looking forward to the most. We ask for your attention and affection for the cheerful and comical performances that these outsiders will show.”

Designated Survivor: 60 Days and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim director Yoo Jong Sun helms the production. And his partner is the film Miss & Mrs. Cops writer Lee Jae Yoon. Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi will air on tvN in the second half of this year.


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