[Weekly Up & Down] J-Hope & Conan O’Brien’s Tweets Become a Hot Topic & Koo Hye Sun Sues a YouTuber

J-Hope’s Adorable Exchanges with Conan O’Brien Grabs Attention

BTS’s J-Hope and famous American television host Conan O’Brien shared some adorable tweets back and forth. On May 7th, J-Hope left a short message, “Sorry,,,,, Curtain,” and tagged the Twitter account of O’Brien, the host of TBS’s talk show Conan. About 10 hours later, O’Brien quoted J-Hope’s tweet and wrote, “In Hobi’s defense, Curtain makes about as much sense as being named Conan.”

Earlier on the 4th, J-Hope failed to recognize O’Brien during a game for BTS’s show Run BTS! and yelled out “Curtain,” getting a big laugh. Since the clip was first unveiled, O’Brien hilariously snapped back at the artist during his show. He deadpanned, “Curtain. He called me Curtain! He said I was a curtain, and I’ve been to Korea! I was popular there!” He then jokingly added, “I mean, I’ll silently resent you. I have no power to do anything to you. I’m very old, and on the way out, you guys are pretty much running the world. So when I say I’ll get you, I just mean I’m going to stew in my own juices.”


Lim Young Woong Apologizes for Smoking Inside the Building with No Mask �

Credit: iMBC

On May 4th, trot singer Lim Young Woong became a hot potato when the photos of him smoking inside the building while filming TV Chosun’s Mulberry School hit the wire. The day after the controversy, the singer personally wrote an apology. “I have hurt and disappointed my fans. I should have been there with a sense of responsibility, but I think I wasn’t good enough. I’m truly sorry for the trouble I caused. I will take today as a lesson and look back on myself and become a mature person. I will keep the reprimands and admonitions that you sent me in my heart.” Meanwhile, the Mulberry School production team heralded a stern legal action against the illegal filming that sparked the controversy.


Koo Hye Sun Sues a YouTuber for Leaking Legitimate Document

Credit: iMBC

Koo Hye Sun has sued YouTuber Lee Jin Ho for defamation. She claims that the YouTuber leaked a legitimate document that she received during her divorce. On May 7th, Koo’s legal representative, LIWU Law group, released an official statement, saying, “Koo Hye Sun believed that YouTube Lee Jin Ho defamed her by spreading false rumors through his video. Hence, she has filed a defamation lawsuit against him, and we are officially announcing her position.”

Koo also took her Instagram to speak out her feelings. “Because I got married with a conservative ethical code, I experienced strong feelings of betrayal due to personal reasons last year. And I couldn’t make rational judgments or understand the other person generously. Now that I think about it, everything I did emotionally is more shameful than the event in itself. That’s why I don’t want to comment on this event anymore or have it surfaced again. But I am writing this because I don’t want my friend to get hurt just because she is friends with me. I have already forgiven everything. I now positively believe that all of those things happened to make me grow as a person.”


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