Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk’s ‘Pipeline’ Revealed the Movie Stills for the Thrilling Oil Heist

Credit: CJ ENM

The scenes from the entertaining crime movie Pipeline, which will come out in May, are revealed.

The Pipeline is a movie about six thieves dreaming of changing their lives by stealing oil worth billions of dollars hidden under Korean soil.

Credit: CJ ENM

Firstly, Seo In Guk plays Pin Driller, and the role is nothing like the romantic characters he has played so far. He shows an intense yet relentless performance in the movie, making the audience excited for his transformation. Secondly, Lee Soo Hyuk will add tension to the play by playing the role of Gun Woo, a successor of a large company. He plans to steal oil worth 30 billion won.

Thirdly, Eum Moon Seok turns into a professional welder, Japchae, who joined the thrilling crime. And Yoo Seung Mok will be Mr. Na, a tunnel designer who pierces the ground like a chessboard. Moreover, Tae Hang Ho will be Big Shovel, a human excavator with great power. Lastly, Bae Da Bin will play a quick watchdog. All the beloved actors with their own unique acting skills join forces for Pipeline.

With the thieves in work overalls with drills in their hands and them rushing out of an underground tunnel as if being chased, it arouses the audience’s curiosity.

The most anticipated film, Pipeline, will premiere in May.

Source: CJ ENM

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