Things to Pay Attention to While Watching ‘Vincenzo’ as It Nears The End

Credit: tvN
Credit: tvN

A savage finale to punish the villains is the only thing tvN’s Vincenzo has left to do.

Jang Joon Woo voluntarily went to prison from the previous episode as he fell into Vincenzo’s trap. It continued as the villains of the story acted unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Geumga Plaza faced a crisis as it was under the attack of a character who’s after the Guillotine file. However, Vincenzo returned to the plaza in that intense moment instead of leaving for Italy. So, what kind of endgame will the dark hero ‘Vincenzo’ and the villains face?


Vincenzo VS Jang Joon Woo, and the Winner is…

Credit: tvN

Vincenzo pressured Jang Joon Woo into getting behind the bars, and Jang Han Seo is trying to clean up the messes of the Babel Group by helping Vincenzo. The Geumga family provides a thrilling satisfaction as they rose as the true dark heroes. With reliable companions, Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young use various ways to bother the villains. Whether the dark heroes will take the villain’s cartel completely is anticipated, especially as the villains already have issues among themselves. Nevertheless, we can’t get too comfortable until the end.

In the teaser released earlier, Jang Joon Woo creates tension as he prepares for the ultimate hit. Choi Myung Hee has his back, as she believes Jang Joon Woo is the only person who can deal with Vincenzo. Curiosities arise as we wonder what kind of end the dark hero and the villain will face after their fierce battle.


Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young, Will They Be Able to Stay Together till the End?

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Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young have been demonstrating great teamwork as they worked on various missions together. They turned the trial in the ‘sacred court’ upside down, put on a play to make us of the corrupted press, and even went undercover as a couple to get access to an important piece of evidence. Their relationship gradually changed as they went through ups and downs together. Vincenzo and Hong Chan Young are getting attracted to each other, little by little. Above all, Vincenzo lent Hong Cha Young a hand in getting revenge for her father’s death, and Hong Cha Young was there for Vincenzo when he lost his mother. What choice Vincenzo will make after getting rid of the antiheroes and how their relationship will come to an end is something we need to keep an eye out for until the show’s last episode.


The Emptied Underground Secret Room! Where are the Gold Bars?

Credit: tvN

The focus is also on where the gold bars could have gone. The Chief of Staff working for Park Seung Jun, a strong candidate for the upcoming presidential election, is after the Guillotine File. He raids into Nanyak Temple and opens the door of the underground secret room. The Guillotine File has become a great help in Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young’s mission as it contains records of all sorts of corruption within political, financial, and prosecutor circles.

Congressman Park Seung Jun is also related to the file with real estate matters. Chief Kim’s move was somehow expected. But in the reopened underground secret room were neither gold bars nor the Guillotine File. Viewers’ opinions are split over the unprecedented twist of the plot. Will Vincenzo, Hong Cha Young, and the Geumga Plaza family be able to protect their building? The finale for the Geumga Plaza is also noteworthy.


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