Police Couldn’t Find the Culprit Who Broke into the Late Goo Hara’s House

Credit: DongA Ilbo

The police investigation into the theft of the late Goo Hara’s safe has been concluded.

According to media outlets, Gangnam Police Station closed its internal investigation into the late Goo Hara’s case. Last December, Dispatch reported that two men broke into the deceased’s house and stole her private safe.

A police official shared, “We have conducted an on-site inspection and checked various statements and security camera footages. But we couldn’t identify the suspect, so we wrapped up the case.”

Last year January, two thieves broke into the late Goo Hara’s house and stole her safe. According to Goo Ho In (Goo Hara’s brother), the singer has kept important documents and her phones inside the safe. The released security cameras footages show these thieves entering the house through the second floor’s veranda when the password didn’t work.

Credit: Dispatch

Goo Ho In believed that the theft was committed by someone who knew the late Goo Hara. He said, “He knew the layout of the house well. There’s no way someone who was there for the first time would know the house that well. He even knew that we don’t really lock the balcony door.”

Meanwhile, Goo Hara debuted in 2008 as a member of KARA. But just 42 days after her best friend Sulli passed away, Goo Hara also took her own life on November 24th, 2019.

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