‘On and Off’ Uee Expresses Her Pride and Love in Her Current Figure

Credit: tvN

Former After School member Uee shared her thoughts about keeping in shape.

In the latest episode of tvN’s On and Off, Uee appeared as a guest and revealed her daily life with her parents.

“I quit my company this year and have been living alone. And that left me with trains of thoughts. When I wanted comfort and rest, my mom told me to move in with her,” Uee said.

Throughout the show, Uee was seen pushing herself through an extreme diet to shoot body profile pictures with her older sister. “I’ve hit rock bottom, and my sister also went through baby blues. So we started this,” she explained.

Credit: tvN

Talking about her current figure, Uee confessed, “In the past, people asked me if I was suffering from anorexia. Sometimes, they even told me I got too fat. So I was obsessed with making a body that satisfied the public’s eyes.” However, the actress has now overcome this stress. “Now, I have a new goal. It’s not about getting six-pack abs, but it’s about keeping a pretty and healthy body.”

In fact, her personal trainer praised Uee’s efforts, saying, “You now have a lower body fate rate than dancers.” Uee then added, “I think I was obsessed with my weight because you can see the numbers with your own eyes. However, I focused on muscle mass this time, and now I’m satisfied with my current figure.”


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