Lee Joon Hyuk and Kim Ok Vin Talk About Their Characters in ‘Dark Hole’

Credit: OCN

Lee Joon Hyck stars as Yoo Tae Han, a native of the town of Mu Ji

Actor Lee Joon Hyuk opened up about his character in Dark Hole, a whole new role from his previous work, Stranger.

The press conference for OCN’s new Friday-Saturday series Dark Hole was held on the 26th. In the event, Lee Joon Hyuk stated, “Playing Yoo Tae Han in the show, there were no difficulties in memorizing lines. But there are many stunts.” The actor is responsible for the role of Yoo Tae Han, a character who doesn’t fear death. He is a tow truck driver and former police who had to give up his job for an unspeakable reason in the show.

Unlike his previous role in Stranger, Lee Joon Hyuk plays a character who believes actions speak louder than words. “Different from Seo Dong Jae, Yoo Tae Han doesn’t talk that much. He prefers to take action. I wondered if it’s better to talk a lot or pull stunts, but the latter surely does hurt,” he said. He added, “It was fun to play a character with a completely different personality.”

Credit: OCN

Kim Ok Vin stars as Lee Hwa Sun, a detective searching for her husband’s killer

Kim Ok Vin was also at the conference. In the show, the actress plays the only survivor of those who inhaled the toxic smoke. Lee Hwa Sun is also a detective at the Seoul Metropolitan Investigation Unit.

A reporter asked Kim Ok Vin why she chose to work with Dark Hole. She answered, “When I got the script, I thought it was a typical zombie series. But as I read it, I found the setting of the story refreshing. You don’t get infected by a bite but by inhaling a certain smoke. That’s how you become mad.” She continued, “The story has Sci-Fi elements as it drapes on the boundaries of mystery. It’s a complicated genre with creatures by the end. It’s why I thought I’d work with the show.”

Kim Ok Vin said that she also spend some time in the gym for Dark Hole. “Because there were plenty of action scenes, I tried many things to prevent injuries. I ran 5km a day to keep my resilience up. I practiced a lot learning the stunts.”

The first episode for Dark Hole will air on the 30th at 10.50 PM KST.


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