Yuri and Seohyun Show How Girls’ Generation Stays Loyal to Each Other for 14 Years and Counting

Credit: MBN

Yuri in MBN’s Eat More

Girls’ Generation is unmatched when it comes to loyalty. It is how they’ve been able to stay close to each other for the past 14 years.

In an episode of MBN’s Eat More aired on April 18th, singer and actress Kwon Yuri made a guest appearance. Ahead of the new series, Bossam: Steal the Fate, Kwon Yuri will start the second chapter of her life as an actress. “I’m quite scared,” she confessed.

Credit: MBN

However, Girls’ Generation, the ones who were there for the first chapter of her life, always had her back. Regarding the group that made her who she is today, Yuri said, “at times, it puts pressure on me. But when I look back, so many people helped and cheered me on. Especially my members have sent endless supports.”

Seohyun’s comment on her social media

Seohyun, who was most troubled by the recent controversy over actor Kim Jung Hyun, has shown that the team helped her overcome difficulties together. In other words, she had to put up with Kim Jung Hyun’s rejection throughout the romance series. It was the support of Girls’ Generation members that got spotlighted amid the controversy.

Credit: MBC

When the series was in the filming process, the members sent coffee trucks to cheer for their youngest member, Seohyun. “I was exhausted, but what you did was very touching. Thank you so much,” Seohyun wrote, as her members supported her by visiting the set themselves and through SNS comments. While fans worried about how much Seohyun had to go through because of the incident, the presence of Girls’ Generation members relieved them.

After getting together online on April 12nd to mark the 5000th day since their debut, the loyalty amongst Girls’ Generation members continues to this day. Fans are hoping that members of Girls’ Generation will gather together once again someday soon.


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