[Weekly Up & Down] K-Occult vs. Campus Mystery: Who Will Win the Wednesday-Thursday Rating Battle?

‘Sell Your Haunted House’ vs. ‘Law School’, Both See a Solid Start

Credit: KBS, JTBC

The new Wednesday-Thursday series, KBS’s Sell Your Haunted House and JTBC’s Law School, surpassed 5% ratings in the premiere episode. Sell Your Haunted House is an occult drama about a real estate agent who is also an exorcist teaming up with a conman specializing in exorcism fraud. The two work as a team to sell houses haunted by vengeful spirits and lingering ghosts and listen to their sorrowful stories. With the first episode, the project quickly beat out tvN’s Mouse and landed at the top of the rating chart. Law School is a campus mystery series that revolves around the murder of a professor at a prestigious law school. It saw a slight decrease in ratings to 4.1% in episode 2. However, viewers’ interest continues to soar as the Wednesday-Thursday rating battle has officially begun. Meanwhile, KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series will be on a three-month break after Sell Your Haunted House ends.


45RPM member and DJ DOC Lee Ha Neul’s Younger Brother Lee Hyun Bae Dies in Jeju Island

Credit: Lee Hyun Bae Instagram, Lee Ha Neul Instagram, MBC

Lee Hyun Bae, the younger brother of DJ DOC member Lee Ha Neul and hip-hop group 45RPM member, passed away at his home in Jeju Island on the 17th. He was only 48 years old. After hearing the sudden news of his younger brother, Lee Ha Neul hurried to Jeju Island with his fellow DJ DOC member Jung Jae Young. The bereaved families decided to conduct an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. When the news of the death of the late Lee Hyun Bae broke out, a wave of mourning swept the music industry. Kim Tschang Yeul also took his social media to mourn the death of his friend. He wrote, “Buddy, I hope you are happier in heaven.” However, the conflict between DJ DOC was revealed when Lee Ha Neul l reacted sharply to his post. Currently, Lee Ha Neul is claiming that Kim Tschang Yeul is responsible for his brother’s death.


Kim Jung Hyun Apologizes Saying that He Failed to Fulfill His Responsibilities as an Actor

Credit: MBC

Kim Jung Hyun apologized for the recent controversies. Previously, Dispatch reported that the actor refused to make any physical contact with Seo Hyun, with whom he starred in the 2018 TV series Time, at the press conference and the filming sites. He eventually dropped out of the production midway. And behind all his actions, there was Seo Ye Ji, his girlfriend at the time. On the 14th, Kim Jung Hyun personally apologized, saying, “I failed to fulfill my responsibilities both as a main character and a professional actor. I want to apologize without making any excuses.” However, he failed to mention Seo Ye Ji in his apology letter.


More People Lift the Lid on Seo Ye Ji

Credit: tvN

More rumors about Seo Ye Ji have surfaced. When Kim Jung Hyun denied the dating rumor with Seo Ji Hye, his past texts with Seo Ye Ji were made public. With that, Seo Ye Ji turned out to be the one who manipulated Kim Jung Hyun when the two were still dating. Since then, she was alleged as a school bully, and her educational background in Spain turned out to be lies. In response, her agency explained that she “had been admitted to the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain. But she failed to attend college as she began her career in Korea.” However, there were more suspicions against her, including mistreating her staff and gaslighting TVXQ’s Yunho, whom she dated. With the continued rumors, Seo Ye Ji’s appearance on OCN’s Island became unclear. To make matters worse, she is now in danger of needing to cough up millions of dollars for breach of advertisement contracts.


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