Recap of Seo Ye Ji’s Controversy that Started with Kim Jung Hyun’s Dating Rumor

Seo Ye Ji now faces the biggest crisis since her debut. Starting with the allegations of “manipulating” Kim Jung Hyun, power-tripping, school violence, and forging the educational background, rumors keep piling up. In the meantime, staff raised their voice against Seo Ye Ji, criticizing that she even swore at the filming sites’ staff. But at the same time, other staff are defending Seo Ye Ji, saying that she is the best actress.

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The controversy first started with Seo Ji Hye and Kim Jung Hyun’s dating rumors. In the process of denying the reports, a contract dispute between Kim Jung Hyun and his agency surfaced. Behind the two sides’ disagreement over the exclusive contract was the 2018 TV series Time, the project he suddenly dropped out midway. Soon, Kim Jung Hyun’s insincere attitude at the press conference went viral.

Then on the 12th, Dispatch released private text messages between Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji. According to the report, Seo Ye Ji allegedly ordered him to avoid romance scenes. �She even demanded him to stay professional at all times, and Kim Jung Hyun blindly followed her words.

Seo Ye Ji sat out of the Recalled test screening as the controversy flared up, which she was on the 13th. Instead, her agency Gold Medalist released its official statement later in the evening. They strongly refuted the rumors, stating, “it is difficult to understand that the leading actor could behave without his free will and solely abide by someone else’s opinion.” They continued, “The message was a typical lovers’ quarrel between dating actors. We believe Kim Jung Hyun must have had other inevitable personal matters as well.”

But the controversy grew into allegations of forging the academic background. In the past, Seo Ye Ji appeared on the JTBC variety show Knowing Bros and said that she attended the Complutense University of Madrid. But some started to speculate that her words are lies. In response, the agency wrote, “Seo Ye Ji had been admitted to the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain. But she failed to attend college as she began her career in Korea.”

Other rumors surrounding the actress surfaced as well. On the 14th, My Love From the Star director Jang Tae Yoo vehemently denied the rumor that he’s closely involved with Seo Ye Ji through his attorney and heralded legal actions.

Staff who have worked for Seo Ye Ji continued to speak out. As Seo Ye Ji’s former staff, A, who introduced herself, claimed that the actress poorly treated her. On the other hand, other staff released contradicting statements. Gold Medalist shared that they are looking into the matter, but they have not made further announcements.

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Allegations of her lying in an interview have also hit the wire. Yesterday, a YouTube channel released a staff’s recorded tape. Using that as evidence, the YouTuber claimed that Seo Ye Ji’s past remarks during the Another Way test screening were utterly false. At the time, the actress said, “Director Cho Chang Ho made me drink gas in the scene where he should have used briquette gas. It almost killed me.” Because of her words, director Cho came under fire and had to release an official apology.

As Seo Ye Ji’s controversy continues to grow, more companies are deleting her face from their advertisements. Now, she is in danger of needing to cough up millions of dollars in penalties. To make matters worse, her appearance in the upcoming OCN series Island went up in smoke.


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