Kim Ok Vin and Lee Joon Hyuk Show What Ferocity Looks Like on Magazine Covers

Credit: 1st Look
Credit: 1st Look

Actors Lee Joon Hyuk and Kim Ok Vin appeared on the covers of 1st Look Magazine.

In the photoshoot, Kim Ok Vin captivated the viewers with her intense gaze. The actress was stunning in every wardrobe and looks. The mysterious air surrounding her caught the eyes, completing the painting-like shots.

Kim and Lee Joon Hyuk will be appearing together on OCN’s upcoming original series Dark Hole. Lee Joon Hyuks’ fierce gaze in the photoshoot was remarkable. And the photo with him in a black suit under the red light somehow seems like his character in Dark Hole, Yoo Tae Han. His chemistry with Kim Ok Vin is also raising expectations for the new series.

Credit: 1st Look

In the interview held alongside the magazine’s photoshoot, he compared his character, Yoo Tae Han, to a dish. “I would say he is a Korean Spicy Pork Stir-Fry, filled with MSG (flavor enhancer). He is a tough man with passion. But he’s also a person who is easy to talk to,” the actor explained.

What do you first do when you get a role?

“There are times I approach the character with their wardrobe, and there are other times I approach them with their lines.” He continued, “I interpreted Yoo Tae Han as a trustworthy character in Dark Hole. So I tried to make him seem eccentric through his outfits and hairstyle.”

Were there any underrated works, despite their great characters and teamwork?

“I think I’ve done pretty well in most cases. Of the 50 million people (in S.Korea), 2% of viewer ratings mean a million people have watched it. If you think of it that way, that’s a mind-blowing population. It’s the production’s and the sponsors’ perspective to evaluate the work by its rating achievement. As an actor, it’s more critical whether those million viewers resonated with our work.”

Credit: 1st Look

What changed after becoming an actor?

“This job was like a magic show for me. Everything seemed amazing, and I was curious about everything. After going through the scenes myself, it feels like I learned the secret behind the trick. So it’s more enjoyable and surprising at times.”

What do you do during your free time?

“It’s the same old thing. Getting pizza or going to the movies is not as expensive, so I’m spending less recently. Thanks to Netflix, I don’t even have to get DVDs.”

Lee Joon Hyuk always takes upon new challenges and changes as an actor. And now, he will be on OCN’s Dark Hole, a series about the survival between mutant variants of humans. The new show will kick off this April.


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