Highlight Is Coming Back as a Whole Group on May 3rd

Credit: Highlight Twitter

Highlight will return as a whole group after three years and seven months.

Today, AroundUS announced that Highlight would release their new mini-album The Blowing on May 3rd at 6 PM KST.

The Blowing is Highlight’s new smash in about two and a half years. They released their latest special album, OUTRO, in November 2018. But above all else, this upcoming comeback is Highlight’s comeback as a whole group in three years and seven months.

Credit: Highlight Twitter

Highlight dropped an image of their promotion schedule on its official social media channels at midnight on the 16th. According to the schedule, Highlight will heat the comeback fever by releasing various content, starting with the comeback trailer on the 19th.

Meanwhile, The Blowing will be released on May 3rd at 6 PM KST.


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