Suspicions of Secretly Filming Aespa’s Winter Turned Out to Be a False Alarm; Photographer Will Take Legal Action

Credit: Aespa YouTube

Suspicions over a photographer secretly filming Aespa’s Winter went viral online, but it turned out to be a false alarm. Although SM Entertinamt immediately corrected the misunderstanding, the photographer forewarned a legal action.

On the 14th, one Twitter user mentioned that staff in Aespa’s “GIVENCHY Photoshoot Behind The Scenes” video looks suspicious. He even accused the staff of having a hidden camera to film Winter. The video in question was released on March 10th. Such allegations spread like wildfire through social media and online communities.

As the controversy heightened, SM Entertainment quickly confirmed that “the person who appeared in the video was a photographer in charge of the photoshoot, and he didn’t do anything suspicious.” The agency added, “It’s an obvious misunderstanding, so we hope the fans understand.”

Though it cleared the air, the accused photographer continued to suffer. Some senseless fans visited the photographer’s social media and poured out malicious comments. A few of them started spreading his personal information on the internet.

In response, the photographer took his Instagram to herald a legal action.

Credit: Coca-Cola

Previously, When Suzy attended the “Shinchon Water Gun Festival” in 2014, the host made a gesture to Suzy, who was moving in a limited space, to tell her to be careful. After the clip was released, some speculated that the host “sexually harassed” the actress with his hands. However, the same clip taken from a different angle confirmed no physical contact between the two.

Various sex crimes, including illegal filming, are problems that should be handled sensitively. Until all allegations are verified, everyone should take cautious approaches to prevent anyone from being falsely accused of hasty speculation.


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