Kang Daniel Opens Up About His Experience as a Victim of School Bullying

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Singer Kang Daniel has caught the eyes with the confession of his encounter with school violence.

Kang Daniel made a guest appearance on an episode of KBS 2TV’s Problem Child in House, aired on the 6th, as he solved quizzes with other guests.

On this day, he came across an app that allows you to ‘experience the bully-victim.’ He said, “that is a nicer version because it’s an app. It’s much gentle than what the kids say in real life. They’re fluent at swearing, and they curse out your parents. It doesn’t have it here.

While mentioning an acquaintance, he revealed, “I heard him talking about his experience with being a bully-victim, and it was brutal. The way they bullied him was smart. There’s no way to describe this. The problem is that the parents of the bullies don’t even know what the problem is. They would say that they are just kids.” He added, “It’s a way of establishing hierarchy. They separate people into different classes.”

Kang Daniel was also a victim of the school violence

What was more shocking was his confession that followed. “I used to transfer to different schools because we often moved from place to place, and I was bullied a lot.” Kang Daniel explained, “I guess they didn’t like how I looked. I remember when I was in 4th or 5th grade. Older boys would rip off from me and hit me whenever I caught their eyes. It was like a game to them. And then they talk about it like it was amusing.”

The detailed story continued. As Jung Hyung Don said that he was worried as a parent with a daughter, Kang Daniel replied, “But when parents care too much, they tease them calls the victim a mama’s boy. And they usually end up not remembering about it.”


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