Lee Je Hoon Says His Character in ‘Taxi Driver’ is a Dark Hero

Credit: SBS
Credit: SBS

Actor Lee Je Hoon will greet viewers with a dark hero that drives a cab.

On the 6th, SBS TV revealed that they would unveil the upcoming Fri-Sat series Taxi Driver on the 9th.

At the online press conference held on the 6th, Lee Je Hoon talked about his character, Kim Do Gi. He is a cab driver who punishes those who commit crimes gets away from the punishment. He explained, “he is rather tough and fierce in the process of taking revenge for the victims. It’ll be fun to watch him disguised as other characters while chasing after the wrongdoers.”

Returning to the small screens in three years, the actor stated, “the script was really enjoyable. I thought about what we could do for the numerous victims who the laws failed to protect. It seemed like a satisfying series, and it also had a strong message.”

Credit: SBS

He added, “the character also reminds me of Batman because he’s a dark hero. There’s The Dark Knight in the Batman series, and knight in Korean is pronounced the same as ‘the driver.’ So I think it can be linked to Kim Do Gi, the Taxi Driver.”

Esom will be working with him in series as a district attorney at the Seoul Northern District Prosecutors’ Office.

The actress introduced her role as “a righteous prosecutor who is passionate and reckless in achieving her goals.” She added, “I got curious about what kind of conflict would arise when Rainbow Taxi Company encounters the law.”

Credit: SBS

Kim Eui Sung plays Jang Sung Chul, the CEO of Rainbow Taxi Company and head of the Bluebird Foundation. The actor who never fails to make a solid presence described his character, “he has scattered identities, almost like a Schizophrenic. On the one hand, he helps the suffering victims and on the other hand, he plans for brutal revenge. It felt food to act him.”

Producer Park Jun Woo reiterated, “as implied, this is an action series with a new dark hero. You will be able to see car-chasing action and physical action scenes. Simultaneously, the work will be wholesome as it provides comfort to victims.” He also said a word about Lee Naeun’s departure from the show and Pyo Ye Jin’s joining. “Though we had to replace the actress due to external factors and do a reshoot from the beginning, we worked harder together and considered it as an opportunity,” he explained.

Apart from Lee Je Hoon and Esom, other actors, including Kim Eui Sung, Pyo Ye Jin, Jang Hyuk Jin, Cha Ji Yeon, Bae Yoo Ram, and Yoo Seung Mok will appear in the series.

Taxi Driver will kick off at 10 PM KST on the 9th.


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