Apink’s Chorong Is Facing School Violence Allegations

An individual “A” accused Chorong of bullying her.

Credit: Play M Entertainment

Suspicions of school violence by Apink’s Chorong have hit the wire.

A, who claims to be Chorong’s elementary school classmate, made an allegation against her. A confessed that Chorong and Chorong’s gang bullied her in a street alley when the two attended different high schools.

“I ran into Chorong in 2008 when I was eighteen years old on the street in Sachang-dong. When I smiled at her, she gave me a dirty look,” she told Sports Kyunghyang on the 5th. “Ther her gang told me, ‘Chorong wants to beat you up,’ and dragged me to an alley. There, Chorong slapped me and kicked my shin, saying that she hated how I smiled at her.”

According to her, Chorong and her friends attacked her head, shoulder, and back, which resulted in swelling and bruises.

A shared that she suffered from trauma after Chorong debuted as an idol. She messages Chrong and demanded apologies, but police investigated her for blackmailing and defamation with false information. She even contacted the singer’s agency, but they only considered her call as a “hater’s prank.”

Credit: Play M Entertainment

Afterward, A got in touch with Chorong, but she only tried to hide the truth with a one-word apology. When A demanded Chorong to make an official apology, Chorong asked her to meet in person. But when A refused her request due to the past trauma, Chorong changed her words on the second call that she never assaulted her. A has a recording of their first call as proof.

A also insisted that Chorong got her friends on her side. “After I hung up my call with Chotong, they (those who beat me up with Chrong) called me and told me that my memories are wrong,” she said.

Since Chorong’s recent accusation made A a “perpetrator,” A has set her mind in hard-line legal actions. A’s legal representative shared, “If the agency has spoken the truth, then one of them is lying. But A has much evidence to prove her innocence. We will take strong action against Chorong.”


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