Park Soo Hong’s Brother Has Embezzled $8,830,000 from the Comedian’s Agency

Park Soo Hong’s older brother embezzled about $8,830,000 from Park So Hong’s one-man agency.

Credit: Park Soo Hong Instagram

Comedian Park Soo Hong’s shocking family story became the hottest topic.

Earlier on the 28th, a claim that Park Soo Hong’s older brother embezzled from the comedian over the past 30 years circulated online. In the article, the man who claims to be Park Soo Hong’s friend wrote, “About 30 years ago, Park Soo Hong made his unemployed older brother his manager. The brother and his wife managed all the income in Park Soo Hong’s one-person agency. Park Soo Hong trusted his brother. But it turned out that all of Park Soo Hong’s income was under the brother, his wife, and his kids’ names.” He then added, “To them, Park Soo Hong was nothing more than a slave that allowed their wealth.”

Such claims quickly grabbed people’s attention as the comedian was often spotted complaining or crying about his life recently. “I worked nonstop for the past 30 years, and I have sacrificed everything for my family. But looking back, it left me with nothing,” he recently wrote on his Instagram. “I trusted those around me all my life. But after I was betrayed and hurt big time, I just wanted to die. At the time, Dahong (Park Soo Hong’s cat) was the one that made me want to live on.”

Credit: Park Soo Hong Instagram

After the media’s spotlight got on Park Soo Hong’s family, he issued a statement. “It’s true that I suffered the financial damage in my relationship with my former agency. And it’s also true that my brother and brother-in-law operated the agency under their names.

The comedian then stressed, “I have secured objective data on what has happened and asked my brother to contact me again. It is my last request. So if he refuses to respond, I don’t think I can no longer consider them as my family.”

Park Soo Hong also mentioned his mother, who is currently starring in SBS’s My Little Old Boy. He requested, “My parents didn’t know of the dispute until recently. The most painful thing for me is that I caused great concern to my parents. I sincerely ask you to stop indiscriminate criticism and speculation against my parents.”

Credit: STYLER

Another friend revealed how Park Soo Hong came to realize his brother’s embezzlement. “Last year, Park Soo Hong cut rent for tenants struggling from COVID-19. Then, he realized that he bought a few buildings in Magok, and those buildings were under his brother’s name,” he shared.

Park Soo Hong’s brother won the comedian’s trust by constantly saying that “everything belongs to Soo Hong.” But despite his words, his daughters’ social media was filled with their pictures posing on designer labels. Another informant added, “Park Soo Hong’s friends were worried about him. They even told him to be careful, but Park Soo Hong’s trust in his brother was unshakable.”

Since the news hit the wire, Park Soo Hong’s past remarks about his nephews are being re-examined. In an interview with MBN in 2012, he said, “They say good nephew will make you proud. My nephew came up to me one day and said, ‘Uncle’s inheritance is mine.’”

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