Song Hee Jun From ‘The School Nurse Files’ Comes Under Fire for Giving Her Dog Up for Adoption

Credit: Song Hee Jun’s Instagram

Controversies surrounding actress Song Hee Jun arose as she gave her dog up for adoption.

On March 28th, she came forward with an apology through her Instagram. “Due to my immature decision, I was unable to take responsibility and sent Monet (her pet dog) away,” she wrote.

The actress explained the situation leading up to listing the dog up for adoption. “My neighbor adopted another dog, and we share a garden. Unfortunately, the sounds of the dog stressed Monet. While looking for a new house to move to, my parents took Monet with them. However, my father’s conditions as a cancer patient worsened, so the friends of my mother took care of Monet.”

It was the friends of her mother who asked for the dog to be adopted by someone else. After being rejected by an adoption center, Monet had to end up returning to the original shelter. The organization revealed, “Monet’s fur was matted enough to hurt the skin, and according to the groomer, the dog was in danger of necrosis due to the tangled hair on its head and ear.”

The issue doesn’t feel light at all, especially as Song Hee Jun encouraged people to ‘adopt, don’t shop.’ The public is more disappointed with the actress for having sent away a dog that was already once abandoned.

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