Shim Eun Woo Admits Her Wrongdoing and Apologizes for Her School Violence

Shim Eun Woo admitted the school violence allegation and personally apologized for her past wrongdoings.

Credit: Shim Eun Woo Instagram

Actress Shin Eun Woo admitted to the school violence allegations and personally wrote an apology letter.

Earlier this month, someone who claimed to have attended middle school with Shim Eun Woo allegedly claimed that she was the victim of Shim’s school bullying. She accused, “I became an outcast under Park So Ri’s (Shim Eun Woo’s real name) attack. There was no physical abuse, but I was severely bullied psychologically.” The writer mentioned that Shim got in between her and her friends and twisted everything around her lies.

In response, SH Media Corp denied the allegations. They then further insisted that the actress does not recall her clear memories of the situation. The agency even stressed that she was “an exemplary student who had never engaged in a misconduct.”

However, Shim Eun Woo made up with the accuser in person. And on the 28th, she took his Instagram to post an apology acknowledging her wrongdoings.

Below is her full post.

“This is Shim Eun Woo.

I am writing to apologize to my friend who was hurt by my immature attitude in the past.

Last month, I came across the article that caused the controversy. And I immediately tried to contact the individual. When I managed to get in touch with one of her family members, I told them that I wanted to meet her in person. However, as the issue received the media’s spotlight, things began to snowball. And with the intensifying emotions, I was not able to meet with the writer.

After that, I repeatedly thought carefully and contacted my friends from that time in many different ways to recall my memories. But I couldn’t clearly remember what had happened with her.

I believed that listening to her part of the story was the only way. So I made another request to meet with her. And on March 25th, my agency finally met with the classmate’s family. There, I heard the situation and feelings that she experienced when she was in middle school.

I found out that my immature words and actions have caused deep pain that she shouldn’t have had suffered during her adolescence. I realized that the terms and actions I thoughtlessly directed at someone when I was a kid could remain with the person for a long time as wounds. Then I thought deeply about my past life and my present-day self. It may be late, but I want to apologize to that classmate sincerely.

In the future, I will endlessly look back on myself and live as a better person while I try to live my life without hurting others. I’m sorry to have caused many people so much concern.

Lastly, I would like to sincerely apologize to my fellow actors and those involved with my current project.”

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