Advertising Companies Are Pulling Their Funds Out from ‘Joseon Exorcist’

Credit: SBS
Credit: SBS

For two days, Joseon Exorcist‘s historical inaccuracy has been the hottest controversy. With such a hot topic, advertisers are pulling their funds out from the drama.

On the 23rd, Joseon Exorcist‘s advertising companies have released their official statements regarding the ongoing controversy. The list includes health/functional food companies Ho Guan Won and Nuon; cosmetics/household goods company LG Household & Health Care; massager company Cozyma; furniture company Ace Bed; raw-fish market Tamna Fish Market.

Credit: Ace Bed Instagram, Cozyma Instagram, Nuon Instagram, LG Household & Health Care Instagram

These companies raised their voice and said one thing in common. “We acknowledge the issue of the program in question. So we’d like to inform you that we’re going to stop our advertisements as soon as possible. Please understand that we weren’t aware of the content in advance because what we did was a simple advertisement.”

Earlier, Joseon Exorcist was embroiled in a controversy over historical inaccuracy. King Taejong was seen slaughtering the people from his hallucinations. The translator used crude language to Prince Chungnyung on their way to welcome the catholic priest. And to make matters worse, the priest was greeted with Chinese food in a place that resembled a Chinese traditional restaurant.

Credit: SBS

According to another report, the Mungyeong Foundation for Culture and Tourism conducted a project to support incentives for Joseon Exorcist‘s Mungyeong location shooting. However, with the recent controversy, the officials are reviewing the cancellation.

The project provides 20% of the production expenses, including accommodation, food, fuel, and appearance fees. It supports up to 10 million KRW (about 8,830 USD). My Country: The New Age, Joseon Survival, and Train were the subject of the same project.

With the continued debate, the second episode saw a significant drop in ratings from 8.9% to 6.9%.


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